Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OPI Mad as a Hatter!

So . . .

Right now I am LOVING OPI Mad as a Hatter!!!
It recently came out, along with 3 other shades, in the Alice in Wonderland
collection by OPI.

(Please excuse my short stumpy fingers and nails!)

Yes, this disco ball polish is reminiscent of my favorite 6th grade, chunky glitter polish from Claire's . . . but it is so super fun I just couldn't resist!

The other three polishes in this collection are . . .

Absolutely Alice - A blue and gold glittery polish
Off With Her Red - A warm creamy red polish
Thanks so Muchness - A cool creamy red polish

I have so many red polishes, I just couldn't justify getting another . . . And while the blue one is sooo pretty, I can't pull off blue nails!

But I'm super happy to add Mad as a Hatter to my OPI collection!



  1. Fun stuff! I'm ready for toe-nail painting season! Toes are more fun to me, because you can get away with the really outrageous polish on your toes! And as far as glitter nail polish goes, I think the 90's are starting to creep back into style...

  2. Meeeee too! Can't wait to bust out those flippy flops!!!