Monday, August 17, 2009

Lip Balm Addiction

My name is Missy Ann, and I am addicted to lip balm.

So . . . I am obsessed with lip balm, but who isn't, right?
I have probably used just about every type of lip balm on the market at least once, but there are 3 that I am really loving right now.

At $13.50, this little sucker is quite expensive for a lip balm.
To be honest, if I didn't have my Pro discount or I couldn't get it at a CCO, I probably would not purchase it.
I do love it though!
It has SPF 15, which is nice because my lips burn really easily.
The creamy formula is great, it does not feel waxy on my lips like so many other lip balms do.
I like to wear it under my lipsticks to lock in moisture.

Second, is Softlips!

I have been using Softlips since high school!
I think that is part of the reason I like it so much . . .
It was my first lip balm love, the one I'm comfortable with, the one I always go back to.
Softlips has SPF 20, which is great!
The downside is that they are so small . . .
I go through these like crazy, but at $3.50 for a two pack, I can deal!

I haven't been using this one very long . . .
I picked it up after reading such great reviews on it.
I must say, I love it!
It only has SPF 4, so I like to keep this one on my nightstand!
A Kiss of Moisture contains Shea Butter and Jajoba Oil, which help to provide long lasting moisture!
I usually put this on before bed and my lips don't feel dry the next morning.

So tell me . . .
What are the balms you can't live without?
I am always looking for new favorites!

Much Love!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bleach & Mascara

Bleach . . .

So I finally did my roots! It was soooo overdue!
I'm thinking this looks much better than my redneck doo, which featured 2 inches of my mousy brown natural color!

I did put a toner on it, but I'm thinking about toning it again
with one that has a cooler base. It is still a bit gold for me.

& Mascara . . .

Right now I am loving Lancome Hypnose!

The website claims that Hypnose, "wraps lashes one luxurious layer at a time without
smearing, smudging or clumping."
For the most part, I agree!
I really like that you can put on lots of layers, which is something I need for my
nonexistent lashes!
I have not had any problems with smearing, smudging or flaking, however it does clump on me! The more layers, the more clump.
Here are some before and after pics, please excuse the eyebrow that needs a major waxing!

After 12 hours

I look a bit cross-eyed! Haha!
I don't mind a little clumping, so it is still a good mascara pick for me!
Sometimes I top it off with a lengthening mascara to separate and give a bit more length.
Overall, I am a big fan!
Hypnose definitely appears on my top 5 list of fave mascaras!

Much Love!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Lipstick Luck!

So . . .
I have been dying to get my hands on the Color Crafted lipstick!
Apparently, I decided that I had to have it just a bit too late.
Both the MAC website and the MAC Pro website were sold out when I tried to order it,
so I checked with my counter.
Yep! You guessed it, they were sold out too!
I had just given up on finding it, when I was walking through the mall in Charlotte, NC and the MAC caught my eye.
I marched right by it like a good little girl!
Then, that beautiful, pink, Color Crafted lippie popped into my head.
I turned around and went straight up to the counter and asked,
"You don't happen to have any Color Crafted lipstick, do you?"
Much to my surprise she said that they had just got one in!
Well of course I snatched that sucker up!
I am so excited I have been wearing it ever since!
I am sure everyone knows what it looks like by now,
but here are some pics just for fun!

Without Flash
With Flash

I definitely think it lives up to the hype . . . I LOVE it!
I am now regretting not getting a backup!
Ahh, buyers remorse!
Much Love!

Matte Minerals

So . . . I was a fan of BareMinerals foundation for a while . . .
until I started getting unbelievably oily!
Now, I am not necessarily blaming BareMinerals for my recent oiliness,
however, the oil did start showing up while using Bare Minerals . . . just saying.
Anywho . . . I was super exited to hear that Bare Escentuals was coming out with a new BareMinerals Matte Foundation!
Sephora released it on July 30th but it will not be released everywhere else until August 28th!
Well . . . I just happen to live in a super bo-bo city that has NO Sephora!
So you better believe when I took the Hubbs to Charlotte, NC for his birthday, I had to swing by and pick some up!

I have only had a chance to use it once but I think I like it!
It seemed that I had less shine throughout the day than with the other BareMinerals foundation.
The one thing that I like MUCH better is the swivel top on the sifter.
It clicks in to place so it is way less messy.
I think it will travel much better!

Overall . . . I like it a lot better than the other foundation but it is too early to tell if this will become my new go-to foundation.
I'll keep you posted!

Much Love!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Long Time No Blog!

So . . . I have not blogged in quite a while!
I returned home from my Africa trip a couple of weeks ago and have
been trying to get back in the groove ever since.

Stay tuned for a mini haul review and pics!