Friday, August 7, 2009

Lipstick Luck!

So . . .
I have been dying to get my hands on the Color Crafted lipstick!
Apparently, I decided that I had to have it just a bit too late.
Both the MAC website and the MAC Pro website were sold out when I tried to order it,
so I checked with my counter.
Yep! You guessed it, they were sold out too!
I had just given up on finding it, when I was walking through the mall in Charlotte, NC and the MAC caught my eye.
I marched right by it like a good little girl!
Then, that beautiful, pink, Color Crafted lippie popped into my head.
I turned around and went straight up to the counter and asked,
"You don't happen to have any Color Crafted lipstick, do you?"
Much to my surprise she said that they had just got one in!
Well of course I snatched that sucker up!
I am so excited I have been wearing it ever since!
I am sure everyone knows what it looks like by now,
but here are some pics just for fun!

Without Flash
With Flash

I definitely think it lives up to the hype . . . I LOVE it!
I am now regretting not getting a backup!
Ahh, buyers remorse!
Much Love!


  1. Nordstroms usually has MAC le products when you can't find one at the counters or on MAC online. There may be hope if you decide you need a backup:)

  2. Really? I don't have one of those near me either, lol, but good to know! Thanks!