Friday, August 7, 2009

Matte Minerals

So . . . I was a fan of BareMinerals foundation for a while . . .
until I started getting unbelievably oily!
Now, I am not necessarily blaming BareMinerals for my recent oiliness,
however, the oil did start showing up while using Bare Minerals . . . just saying.
Anywho . . . I was super exited to hear that Bare Escentuals was coming out with a new BareMinerals Matte Foundation!
Sephora released it on July 30th but it will not be released everywhere else until August 28th!
Well . . . I just happen to live in a super bo-bo city that has NO Sephora!
So you better believe when I took the Hubbs to Charlotte, NC for his birthday, I had to swing by and pick some up!

I have only had a chance to use it once but I think I like it!
It seemed that I had less shine throughout the day than with the other BareMinerals foundation.
The one thing that I like MUCH better is the swivel top on the sifter.
It clicks in to place so it is way less messy.
I think it will travel much better!

Overall . . . I like it a lot better than the other foundation but it is too early to tell if this will become my new go-to foundation.
I'll keep you posted!

Much Love!

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